Thursday, 19 December 2013

Caribbean Moms and the Holidays

Haii my cutie crazies! You can all call me Iris, and this is my first blog. So as you can see from the title, i blog about totally random stuff; I will rant sometimes, I'll speak about something serious but all times I'll be true to my Insanely Awesome way.  So without further ado, let's get to the actual topic, my first blog.

Caribbean Moms and The Holidays :D
So my Cutie Crazies, what do you know about Caribbean moms and the holidays? Nothing, if you don't have one; and i can tell you from experience that they are the scariest things since freddy and jason came in the same nitpicking movie!! Why do i say this? let's start the torture relay...
1. Shopping
Sounds so pleasant but it isn't -_- Caribbean moms can go downtown with a list and buy everything that isn't on that list. Yeah all moms can be like this, but would your mom make you walk from one end of the shopping district to the other end and then realize she wants an item from the store you passed about 2hours ago! maybe, but would she when she reaches that said store, change her mind and say she saw the same item in the store you just left for cheaper? I. THINK. NOT! By the time she's all satisfied you've walked around that shopping district about 25 times, and you still didn't get what was on the list. Yeah I'm not kidding, maybe that's why caribbean kids lose more weight during the holiday seasons.
2. Shopping Bags
Caribbean moms can have about 20 bags, and they'll be like "awww let me help you". And you're feeling so awesome that you're getting help. Do you know what she does? yes, she takes the lightest bag of them all, yo that's totally not cool. And if you slow down she'll call you "lazy" "granny" "old", yea these caribbean moms are crazy, that's why we Caribbean kids soooo strong. lolmao.
3. Cleaning
Now in my opinion this is the WORST! My mom can do cleaning last week and then come this week and start on a rant about how dirty the place is and clean again. And no we do not dirty the place, no she just wants to clean. Why? Because its the holiday and these women go crazy like a fat kid in Willy Wonka's Factory. And just to make it clear, when they clean, we have to clean too. Why? BECAUSE SHE SAID SO.
Well that's only about 3 reasons out of the millions of situations, but i hope you guys enjoy my first blog. And to set the record we love our Caribbean moms, I for one totally love my crazy mommy, and wouldn't change her for the world. But they can go a litlle crazy sometimes, especially on the holidays. But that's the fun experiences in life. So enjoy all your experiences my cutie crazies and and always love who you are.

Crazy and Insanely fun, totally random,
XOXOXO :* muazzz Crazies