Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Letters to no one #4

This is for you who decided that friendship wasn't worth crap. This is for you who was family and decided to betray our trust. This is for you who never had my back even though I always had yours. This is for you who took and took and never gave anything in return. This letter is for you telling you that you broke my heart, you said you wouldn't and you did. Said you'd always be there and disappeared when I need the support. Always took my strength and gave me none in return. Drained me of all my passion and love. Drained me of any hope I had. This is for you to tell you, I forgive you. I forgive you not for you but for myself. Because even though I forgave, I won't forget. But I won't let it bring me down. So its time to say goodbye and I hope that one day you'll understand how much you hurt those around you.
This is my letter to no one, I hope you see it one day.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Why do I love reading?/ My fascination for books.

This prompt was given by my bestfriend and I hope this does it justice.
It might be easier to ask why the world was round or why lucifer fell. But in all my days on this earth this question has no answer. It has many. Too many to comprehend but I'll try to put it in words. Reading gives us a way to travel when we're stuck where we are. It's like a magical portal to different worlds. It allows you to live thousands of lives and go on millions of adventures with a simple flick of a page. But the most valuable thing it gives is a place to belong. Within books you aren't judged, you fall in love with the characters based on their thoughts and not looks. You live their lives as your own, you feel as they do and experience things that you'd never experience. It's the safe haven that's always there when you want to run away from this cruel world. It's what holds you together when they try to tear you apart. And maybe they ridicule you for it but you've gained a plethora of information from the friends that are bound and inked,  that you are the wisest amongst them all. So really, books aren't really just paper and ink, they're different homes you go to when you need the light.

Friday, 21 July 2017


Have you ever had that moment where that last amount of feelings you had for someone finally is all gone and you just cry? You're happy and relieved but you just cry. You sit there thinking about how much time you've wasted, ready to leave it all behind, so you let go and cry. You let it all out until you're you again. You stop trying to find a reason for why you're crying and just cry. And after it all you're stronger, better, happier. So just cry. Let it all out, cry until it's all over, you've been holding on too long. Stop trying to find a reason why and let's just cry.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Why I love what I do

Question: why do you love what you do?
Me: what do you mean?
Person: why do you love reading alone, and listening to music? Why do you loose yourself in writing and watching disney movies?

Answer: Because it's my escape. In reality I can't do what I want or be who I truly am, but I find solace with in books, I find a release with my writing, I find the words I want to say in songs and the person I want to be in my favourite disney movies. That's why even if for a moment I have happiness. Pure and blissful happiness because I get to live multiple lives through these means.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Letters to no one(#3)

Dear no one, 
It's getting harder day by day to keep up that happy smile, to keep going on.
It's just so hard. Nevermind, I can't say what I really want to, not even to you. I can't.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017


Some say death is beautiful, and maybe it is. But I believe it's cruel and ugly. Have you ever lost someone? Ever been so numb you didn't know what to do? Seeing everyone around you in tears and breaking down, but you're not because it hasn't hit you yet, you haven't really comprehended what's happening. Then some days, weeks even moths later it hits you, and it hits you hard. It's that moment where you think "shed/he'd know what to do" and you go pick up the phone to call and then it really hits you they're gone. They're gone and they're never coming back. And you sit back and cry, no screaming, no sobbing but that silent crying that if someone listens close enough, they'd hear your heart shattering into a million pieces. Because you lost someone who meant the world to you, who you could be yourself around. And that loss changes something in you, your smile is a little dimmer, your eyes sparkle less. No one notices. The one person who did is gone. And that's why I think death is cruel and ugly, it's takes away those you love, along with a piece of your heart and a part of your soul.

Letters to no one (#2)

It's like you never took things seriously, you made me want to pull all my hair out. Never listening always joking, but I couldn't stay mad at you for long.  We were like day and night,  like Venus and Mars. We were perfectly imperfect, and now it's all gone. You broke what was left of my heart and I still can't stay mad at you. Even if I could turn back the hands of time I wouldn't do anything different. Because the end of our journey may have come but the ride here was worth it. So I'm writing this letter to no one, hoping maybe one day you'd see it and know what you meant to me.