Wednesday, 12 April 2017


Some say death is beautiful, and maybe it is. But I believe it's cruel and ugly. Have you ever lost someone? Ever been so numb you didn't know what to do? Seeing everyone around you in tears and breaking down, but you're not because it hasn't hit you yet, you haven't really comprehended what's happening. Then some days, weeks even moths later it hits you, and it hits you hard. It's that moment where you think "shed/he'd know what to do" and you go pick up the phone to call and then it really hits you they're gone. They're gone and they're never coming back. And you sit back and cry, no screaming, no sobbing but that silent crying that if someone listens close enough, they'd hear your heart shattering into a million pieces. Because you lost someone who meant the world to you, who you could be yourself around. And that loss changes something in you, your smile is a little dimmer, your eyes sparkle less. No one notices. The one person who did is gone. And that's why I think death is cruel and ugly, it's takes away those you love, along with a piece of your heart and a part of your soul.

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