Thursday, 29 January 2015


So I've always had this obsession with angels, and i wrote some poems about them. This one is about a specific angel. I hope you can figure out who he is.
Once called "Pure of Heart"
The Leader of God's Army,
Such a great creature I was said to be,
But now I have been reduced,
Reduced to walk among the fallen;
Forgive me Father for I have sinned,
Forgive my brothers for they know not what they do;
Do not forsake me my Father,
For I will never forsake you.
But I cannot return;
Never for now, by you side.
I am a Fallen, 
And forever shall be,
Until the day I hath helped,
My brothers to find your grace again.
I choose to be a Fallen, 
And Forever more shall I be,
Forgive me my Father...

So this is my interpretation of a certain angel, I hope you've figured out who he is. This is how  think he must feel. I've read about angels a lot, but never something from their view, from his view. He's always portrayed as this knight in shining armor, but what happened before that? What happened during his darkest moments, why'd he fall, why'd he become so valliant? Well this is sorta my insight, it's not that good but yeaaa....

BTW Happy New Year my Crazies :D
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