Saturday, 23 July 2016

1am ramblings

So my random ramblings this morning is, why does the thing that gives you the most joy in life, give you the most pain?
Why must the thing you love soo much be the main cause for your tears? It's sad that something can have such power over you, so much power that it makes you break down in tears; so much power that it has the power to make you want to give up on life. Or maybe that's just me. Maybe I just need to leave it, maybe I just need to just quit, maybe I'll feel free, Maybe I will be happier. But maybe the world needs to stop judging, maybe the world needs to stop putting your small hope out. But, hah, this is a cruel and vindictive world, a world that only cares for itself, even though i care too much for it. Maybe it's time to let go. No, It's time to let go. Just let go.