Thursday, 4 September 2014

Just Have Fun

So a few days ago my cousin and I were at University, and we were so bored that we started this game. He believes his hair is his major charm, I oppose that, so I asked random persons "do you like his hair?" and the majority answered in the affirmative. But I refuse to accept defeat, it isn't over yet :v. Well until a really hot guy I like turns out to be gay and tells my cousin he likes him. Kind of like the song "Call Me Maybe". hehehe :D
And after that episode, it had me thinking about a new topic. "Just Have Fun". Not everyone thing is meant to be serious, some people live while some just exist. Don't you want to live your life without regrets. Live your life to the max, and have fun. But be careful there is a thin line between fun and stupidity; so when having fun, be safe lol. 
I'm not saying to be extravagant in all you do but live a little. Don't live to please others all the time, do something for yourself. If you're in college, do something that will make you happy in the long run; not a career your parents want you to do. Because, as harsh as this may sound, when they're dead and gone, you'll be left doing something that makes you miserable. And you'll then realize you wasted most of your younger days. Live to fulfill your dreams, and if by chance you loose your dream, create another. That's the funny thing with dreams, you can always create new ones, aim for new destinations. The only one who can make you truly happy is yourself. So get out there, make wise decisions and be happy. Have no regrets.

Crazy and Insanely Fun, Totally Random,