Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Why do I love reading?/ My fascination for books.

This prompt was given by my bestfriend and I hope this does it justice.
It might be easier to ask why the world was round or why lucifer fell. But in all my days on this earth this question has no answer. It has many. Too many to comprehend but I'll try to put it in words. Reading gives us a way to travel when we're stuck where we are. It's like a magical portal to different worlds. It allows you to live thousands of lives and go on millions of adventures with a simple flick of a page. But the most valuable thing it gives is a place to belong. Within books you aren't judged, you fall in love with the characters based on their thoughts and not looks. You live their lives as your own, you feel as they do and experience things that you'd never experience. It's the safe haven that's always there when you want to run away from this cruel world. It's what holds you together when they try to tear you apart. And maybe they ridicule you for it but you've gained a plethora of information from the friends that are bound and inked,  that you are the wisest amongst them all. So really, books aren't really just paper and ink, they're different homes you go to when you need the light.

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