Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Letters to no one #4

This is for you who decided that friendship wasn't worth crap. This is for you who was family and decided to betray our trust. This is for you who never had my back even though I always had yours. This is for you who took and took and never gave anything in return. This letter is for you telling you that you broke my heart, you said you wouldn't and you did. Said you'd always be there and disappeared when I need the support. Always took my strength and gave me none in return. Drained me of all my passion and love. Drained me of any hope I had. This is for you to tell you, I forgive you. I forgive you not for you but for myself. Because even though I forgave, I won't forget. But I won't let it bring me down. So its time to say goodbye and I hope that one day you'll understand how much you hurt those around you.
This is my letter to no one, I hope you see it one day.

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